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Narrow Gauge

The models on this page include narrow gauge engines and rolling stock for all gauges except for 30 inch gauge. All assets on this page are error-free in TS2012 and should work in TC3, TS2009 and TS2010 as well. Reskins are not only permitted, they are actually encouraged.

All assets on this page are governed by this license: Feel free to reskin this and release it when and wherever you like as freeware. All I ask is that you indicate where to find the original package and also include the original readme which credits the authors who have contributed to the creation of these assets. Do not clone unmodified dependencies and upload to the Download Station or other website. Updates of the included assets to T:ANE standards by any party are not allowed without my express permission. The enclosed assets may not be used by any payware content without permission. The included content is copyright 2016 by Ben Neal, except as otherwise specified in the readme.

3ft Gauge Steam Dummies

A trio of generic steam dummies in 3 foot gauge. The model is based on a Porter design, but it is fairly similar to those built by other manufacturers. Steam dummies (or steam trams outside of North America) were built prior to electrification of street railways. The engines were disguised as street cars and the exhaust was muffled in order to avoid spooking horses. Electrification of street railways in the 1890s led to these being sold as surplus to logging lines, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. This pack includes a clean version lettered for the Willamette Bridge Company (a street railway in Portland, OR), a weathered version lettered for Clearlake Lumber Company and a weathered version lettered for Murchison Lumber Company.

KUIDs in Package

  • kuid2:96914:1:3
  • kuid2:96914:2:3
  • kuid2:96914:982:3
  • kuid2:96914:50010:3
  • kuid2:96914:50011:3
  • kuid2:96914:50012:3
  • kuid2:96914:50020:3
  • kuid2:96914:50021:3
  • kuid2:96914:50022:3
  • kuid2:96914:51001:3
  • kuid2:96914:55001:3
  • kuid2:96914:55002:3
  • kuid2:96914:54016:3

Required Dependencies

  • kuid2:96914:53310:3 (Small Steam Sounds)
  • kuid:103475:60078 (DLS)
  • kuid:103475:60079 (DLS)
  • kuid:103475:60042 (DLS)
  • kuid:103475:60080 (DLS)

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