Ink the Rescued Colt

Ink is a registered paint miniature pony colt.
He has been rescued by Misha and Heather of Tarneit Riding Club.

In these pictures, taken on April 23 2003, Misha and Heather had only owned him for three or four days. Unfortunately, Ink had been badly abused and neglected before being sent off to the sales. He was not expected to survive.

The bare patches are where he tried to get up but didn't have the strength. Basically he just lay there struggling until he was too tired - scraping his hide off in the process. The raw, bleeding patches have been medicated, which is why they look dusty.

It's hard to believe that an animal could be allowed get to this state in Australia.

Being covered in lice was the least of Ink's worries.

He nearly died several times, but constant love, care and attention kept him from going over the edge - whether it was the food and medicine from Misha and Heather, the midnight visits by Charlie, the assistance in getting to his feet by Anna, or the stroking and kind words from the rest of us, we don't know.

In these pictures, taken on May 25th, you can see how much he has improved.

This is just a bad case of dandruff, caused by the lice. Now that they are dead and gone, we just have to wait for the gunk to come up and be brushed out.

Ink is a real fighter, although he still has a long winter ahead of him he has a 50/50 chance.

These pictures were taken in the evening of August 17th 2003.

He wouldn't let us get very close to him.

You can see from these pictures how much he has improved! It's hard to believe he is the same pony!

Hope you enjoyed Ink's page,

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