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A Brief Word About Steam Machine

Steam Machine is the engineering division of Databits Computer Company Ltd, an established technology company that has earned the respect and trust of customers since 1990.

We gladly provide web space at no cost to our friends in animal rescue, model engineering and 3D computer train modelling.

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The Prowler's Den / San Juan Trainz Workz
Prowler's collection of 3' gauge steamers and narrow gauge!

Charlie's Trainz Page
Trainz Performance Tweaking Guide and Charlie's creations!

Comtrain's Trainz Planz
Rod's archive of Australian prototype plans and photos!

Slugsmasher's TrainzLoggerz
Slugsmasher's Narrow Gauge and Logging Bonanza Pages!

Ben Neal's SubPar Productions
Ben's Narrow Gauge Masterpieces!

Charlie's Stuff:

The Hercus Lathe Saga

Web space hosted free by Steam Machine:

Eastern Bays Little Blue Penguins

Hutt Valley Model Engineers

Ashleigh's Horsey Pages

Hutt Valley Model Engineers "Blast Pipe" Newsletter!

Note: HVMES has its own website now! Go to!

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